Basketball Academy,

športni center


(projekt 2006)


Sports Center of Basketball Academy will be completed in 2009. It is designed as a building where all activities are placed under the same roof in the form and color of a basketball ball. Around the playing court in the middle of the building with stands on each side all the necessary functions are grouped: the entrance with cafeteria and sport shop, the lecture room and fitness room on one side and the restaurant on the other and the locker rooms in the back.

The most interesting feature of the academy are rooms for participants which are planned as apartment boxes painted in colors of sponsors' basketball clubs which are stacked one upon the other on the upper level of the stands; a part of each box with the entrance is turned into the main courtroom and the other part with a window is opened to the outside, so that the colorful composition of the boxes can be seen from both sides. In this monospace loft with interwoven functions there will be life and fun all the time: in front of the boxes above, on the basketball court below and on the stands, or in the seminar and fitness room or restaurant behind the big glass wall.